I believe that birth is one of the most transformative experiences of a woman's life. It is my hope that every woman will leave her birth experience with a profound belief in herself and her abilities to be a fantastic mother. "I gave birth. I can do ANYTHING!" I serve women as their doula because I believe if women are treated with dignity, love, and respect during their birthing times, they will have a better birthing experience. Evidence shows that women who have a doula at their births experience improved outcomes for both themselves and their babies.

In The Birth Partner, author Penny Simkin writes, "birth matters...How a woman gives birth matters-to her baby, her family (including her relationship with her partner), and to her self-confidence and self-esteem as a woman and a mother." I love this! She continues, "How a woman is cared for and supported during birth is a major influence, not only in how she gives birth but also how she feels about it." My goal as your doula is to help you have the birth you want, to provide gentle and loving guidance as you discover your own amazing power, and through your own efforts, become empowered to make the best decisions regarding your birth.

My background is in music. I have both a Bachelor and a Masters degree in music performance. I am active in the music community by teaching private flute lessons in the Houston area and performing in orchestras in Louisiana. During my last semester of graduate school, I discovered that I was pregnant with our first baby. I had an amazing and empowering first birth that set this entire course in motion.

A week after my daughter was born, I began to feel the call to birth work. I would frequently tell my husband, "I wish I would have decided to be a doula when I grew up rather than a flutist." His response? "It's never too late." I have been living a double life as a flutist and a doula since 2011.

I am passionate about gaining as much training and education as I can in order to better serve my clients. I am a certified birth doula and childbirth educator through Birth Boot Camp. I have advanced training in several labor assisting techniques including: The Art of Labor Whispering, Spinning Babies, Rebozo, and acupressure.

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Name: Kristi Keen, BBCI, BBCD
Email: keendoula@yahoo.com
Phone: (225) 229-4130