Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year End Review and 2012 Goals

2011 Doula Goals:

  • Attend DONA Doula training
  • Attend 1 birth

Yeah, I set the bar low. I figured I wouldn't be disappointed that way. I was right!

2011 Doula Accomplishments:

  • Attended DONA Doula training
  • Attended 6 births in 6 months
  • Met some fantastic women in the doula field (i.e. networking)

2012 Doula Goals:

  • Finish designing my super fantastic brochure
  • Find places to leave my super fantastic brochure
  • Attend a continuing education type workshop, such as the Spinning Babies workshop coming in February
  • Attend 5 births
  • Continue networking with the fantastic women in my area
  • Complete my DONA certification

It appears I am setting the bar low again, but it worked for me last year! Here's to an even better year!

Happy New Year!!!