"I am so glad we took the Birth Boot Camp class with Kristi and that she was our Doula. I would recommend the class and Kristi as our Doula to anyone who is pregnant."

"She was excellent and professional and listened to our needs. Kristi was very supportive the entire birth and worked very well with the hospital staff."

"The pregnancy support was invaluable and we learned so much before the birth. During the labor, Kristi went above and beyond to try and get me and my husband through the labor. Even though the birth wasn't the birth we planned or wanted, Kristi being there and supporting us was so important and made all the difference in the world."

"Kristi's interactions with the doctor and nursing staff were very positive and professional. At my postpartum checkup, my OBGYN mentioned how great it was to work with Kristi. Her professionalism and expertise at encouraging and empowering made a positive impact on everyone involved."

"Kristi constantly reminded me that what was happening to me during labor (which was totally foreign to me as a first-time Mommy) was completely normal. This knowledge made me feel safe and strong. Kristi also made sure my husband was able to grab a bite to eat and a few moments of rest during the 18 hours of labor so that he could better support me. She and my husband were a wonderful support team for me. Kristi was very keenly attentive to my comfort-both physical and emotional- and I felt so encouraged and uplifted by her presence."

"Kristi was AMAZING. We were VERY blessed to have her for such a big day!!"

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