Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Labor Whispering in Sugar Land, TX

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I am pleased to announce that I will be offering Labor Whispering sessions in Sugar Land and the Southwest Houston area beginning in 2016. 

So what is Labor Whispering?

I'm glad you asked. 

Labor Whispering is a birth modality developed by our very own Urban Curandera, Rowan TwoSisters, that unveils and addresses common blockages that can prevent labor from beginning in a timely manner. This is important because nearly everyone will be faced with the induction decision at some point during their pregnancies. In a perfect world, we would all go into labor on our own exactly when our bodies and our babies decide. The reality is that many Houston area care providers and hospital policies dictate, and reasons out of our control may necessitate, a medical induction of labor if labor does not begin within a certain time frame. 

Labor Whispering is NOT:

An induction technique. I am not a medical care provider. It is not my place to try to start the labor process. 

An opportunity to try to force a body into labor that isn't ready. 

Crazy doula voodoo magic. Yes, I've been asked by a nurse to try some of my "Crazy doula voodoo magic" before.

Just for hippies. Shout out to fellow Labor Whisperer and Doula, Lourdes Resendez, for reassuring us that Labor Whispering is not "Hippy dippy doula magic" and creating a super cool free printable. 

Labor Whispering IS:

An opportunity to address "unfinished business." Nursery not ready? Car seat not installed? Forgot to take a childbirth class? Haven't discussed "that thing" with your partner or care provider yet? Those things can hold a baby in. These things and more will be addressed at your Labor Whispering session. 

A chance to relax.  You will be enveloped in a nest of pillows and massaged by me, your partner, or both! Your choice. We want your muscles, mind, heart, and spirit to relaaaaaaax. We will encourage your own natural labor stimulating hormones to flow. 

A time to dig deep. We are going to "go there" and talk about anything and everything that might be keeping baby in. 

An opportunity to learn. Learn about yourself, your partner, exercises for optimal fetal positioning, and relaxation.

A chance to release. Blockages, tears, tension, you name it. This will be a chance for oxytocin to flood your system with wonderful loving feelings. Let the oxytocin and tears flow. 

Labor Whispering sessions take place in the comfort of your own home and last around two hours. 

Cost: $200

Trained Labor Whisperers are all over Houston. Find a Labor Whisperer near you. 

Book your session today!

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