Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Nearing the end

My guess date is this week, so I thought it might be fun to give a little update. I want to try to remember as much as I can. 

I had a visit with my midwife today, and physically things seem to be just fine. The baby is in a great starting position, my blood pressure and fluid levels are great and the heartbeat sounded wonderful. It took a little while to find the heartbeat though. My midwife asked my belly, "Where are you little baby?" And s/he kicked her Doppler. And there was this huge swipe across my belly too. I think s/he tries to run away from it sometimes. It was very cute.

Mentally I am not quite ready to go into labor. I don't have that this-baby-is-never-coming-out feeling. I don't have that ready-to-be-done feeling either. I'm getting closer, but I am not quite there. 

I haven't had a cervical check because I really just don't want to know. I know they don't really tell you much so I don't want to be disappointed or get my hopes up over a number that doesn't really matter right now. 

I started taking some Evening Primrose Oil last Thursday. I have seen some responses to the oil that indicate it is working or at least doing something positive. I tried listening to the Hypnobabies "Come Out, Baby" CD today, but Lily woke up from her nap in the middle of it. 

I'm not really concerned about when I will go into labor, and I am not in any hurry yet. My midwife did say that she would like to see me have this baby before 41 weeks so I don't have to get a NST done, but I would like to have this baby so I don't have to teach flute lessons! They start back next week and I don't feel like teaching with a huge belly. 

I don't think I'll have the baby tonight, but I do have a feeling I may over the weekend. Just a teensy tiny little feeling. 

I think we'll blow up the birth pool tonight. I also need to change my shower curtain liner and scour out the bathroom one more time. I also feel like I need to clean the floors again. Yesterday I organized the closet in our bathroom, so tomorrow my random nesty task will be to clean the floors. On hands and knees. 

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