Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steps toward certification

I have registered for the DONA Introduction to Childbirth class, Doula Workshop and Basic Lactation class that is taking place this weekend. I purchased my certification packet yesterday and I am eager to receive it in my email. It should arrive tomorrow, and then I can head to the library to print it out. I still have to finish reading The Birth Partner before my class. I read it while pregnant, but I am reading it again to try to better soak in the information.

I also just discovered the South Houston Doula Cooperative. I have this feeling I should try to get to know these doulas!

In other news, I was able to be a guest blogger at Sheridan's Enjoy Birth blog with my Why I Want to Be a Doula post. Welcome and thank you for stopping by to those who may have discovered my page through her blog. I hope my journey towards becoming a doula will be helpful to you.

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