Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looking for that first birth

After attending the DONA Doula workshop a few weeks ago, I am ready to start attending births. So far, I have two people who have expressed interest in having me attend their births. One is expecting at the end of June/early July, and the other is...well...I can't really say yet. :o) (NOT me)

In order to get my name out there, I am trying to design a logo, an eye-catching flier and a sophisticated business card. I also would like to use this blog as a resource for potential clients, which is why you may have noticed I changed my URL. I used to be and now I am I am still trying to decide on a business name. What do you think of "Keen Doula Care?" I mean, it is kind of cool that my last name is so nifty, right? And no one can get mad because it's my name, right?

This leads me to the reason why I am trying to get business cards and fliers made. I am looking for those first births to attend! I did not feel ready to attend any births until I had my training. Plus none of them would count towards certification until after my training.

I am located in the Rosenberg/Richmond area and I am willing to travel to Sugar Land, Houston and surrounding areas. Another plus, although I am very new at this, I am going to offer my services for a very modest fee until I am fully certified. That's right! You'd have a doula for a very low cost, and I would ask is for some pictures, a testimonial and/or thank you card to put in my albums for future clients to see. You know when you go to your prenatal check ups and/or pediatrician's office and you see all those cards and thank you notes plastered on the walls? Yup, that's what I am looking for.

If you are willing to be a pampered guinea pig at your upcoming birth, please consider me. I would love to be your doula!


  1. I'm so excited for you! Too bad I'm all the way up here in Chicago... and I'm not expecting... but if I were near you and were expecting, I'd call you for sure! Blessings!

  2. I was able to attend 2 birth just by putting an ad up on craigslist in the baby/kid section.. You title it, "Pregnant? Want a doula?"
    You can also contact your CNM practice and ask them to take your info to pass out if they have any moms who would like a doula but who can not afford one. I got one birth that way as well.