Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's going to happen!!!

Just an update: I have signed up for the DONA Introduction to Childbirth class offered at Houston Pregnancy Massage and Doula care. I am super excited! It says that a minimum of four people need to sign up in order for the class to be held, so I am hoping beyond all hope that at least four people have already signed up. Tomorrow is payday and I plan to sign up for the DONA Birth Doula Workshop tomorrow!!! I have been saving as much of my flute private lesson money as I can in order to pay for this workshop, but I am going to probably have to borrow some of our "family money" after my husband gets paid. I did not want to do this, but he insists that he will not allow me to chicken out and claim that I can't take the class due to financial reasons. He says point blank, "You're taking the class." I love it! I love how I have a husband that knows how much I want this and is working his booty off to help me accomplish this goal. He also has faith in my ability to do this. He never has been one to tell me what to do with my life, but as soon as I admitted to him, "I think I want to be a doula," his eyes just lit up with excitement! He really feels like this is right up my alley.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will all work out! It seems like it is meant to be since it is over Spring Break and I won't have to worry about finding a sitter for our baby.


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