Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How to (not) Stay Pregnant

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Exactly three weeks ago, nine days before my due date, I posted this question in one of my doula groups because I had started cramping the night before.

"Seeing so many people as far along as I am (38+ weeks) trying to get baby out. Here I am hoping to keep baby in until my midwife gets back on Saturday. Googled keeping baby in. Nothing. Googled natural induction methods. Bazillion results. I mean, seriously. How DO you prevent labor?"

It was decided that I should blog about all the ideas I would try to keep baby in. Here are a few things I tried:

1. Schedule all the things

From 38 weeks on, I had something I *had* to do every day. I scheduled play dates, birthday parties, postpartum visits, and shopping trips. Every day was full of something to keep my mind occupied until the due date. Because my first two didn't come until after my due date, I knew this baby would stay put until at least my due date. 

2. Avoid homemade prostaglandins

Not sure what I mean? Semen. No semen made contact with my cervix while waiting for my midwife to get back into town. 

3. No Evening Primrose Oil

I tried it during my previous pregnancy, but I decided that I would not even consider it until my midwife was back in town. I didn't have any in my possession whatsoever.

4. Procrastinate nesting

I decided not to go shopping for any of my birth supplies until my midwife was back. I had some projects that I wanted to accomplish the few days before my due date because I knew those few days would feel like FOOOOORRRREEEEEVVVEEEERRRRRR. 

The big question is, did any of this work? Nope. Three days later I had my baby

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