Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training-Houston, TX

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I've been waiting to write this post for a long time. I am so excited to share that I am now a Certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor. I never thought this day would come.

Almost two years ago, I read Donna Ryan's Banned From Baby Showers blog and learned about Birth Boot Camp. I knew IMMEDIATELY that this was THE ONE. I am partial to the military theme because it reminds me of my family members who served or are serving in the military, the most important one being my mother. I am so proud of her, and I am so proud of my family members who have served or are currently serving. This is about as close to being involved with anything military as my soft little self can get. I can't do a push-up, but I sure can birth babies!

One thing after another happened to delay taking a training, but finally one was scheduled to come to Houston. I couldn't let ANYTHING stop me from attending that training. Our family suffered some incredibly difficult times for most of 2013. To say it was a tough year is an understatement. I was so discouraged, and I worried that I wouldn't be able to reach my goal. I feared that every set-back I experienced was just another hurtle that would keep me from attending the Houston Birth Boot Camp Instructor Training. I HAD to attend that one. I just HAD to!

Star struck! L to R: Sarah Clark, me, Donna Ryan
My little Kimberly wasn't quite 5 months old when I started attending births again. The first birth I attended after my maternity leave helped me pay for my deposit for the training. Finally! I secured my spot! I kept attending birth after birth after birth to pay for my training and it was so hard on my little Kimberly and my husband. My poor husband. He has a disadvantage when it comes to caring for an exclusively breastfed infant. I'm sure you can imagine what that disadvantage is.

I read all 11 books, and watched both DVDs. I completed the HUGE study guide. I was so stressed out for the 8 months it took me to complete everything. It felt like the same amount of work and stress as my final semester in graduate school when I was pregnant with Lily, going through my first trimester, preparing for my comprehensive exams at the end of the semester, and preparing for my Master's Recital. I have no idea how I survived that semester. I have no idea how our family managed to survive my preparations for Birth Boot Camp Training. It was TOUGH, but I loved it. I loved learning so much. I feel so thoroughly prepared to teach. I'm ready. I'm excited. I can't wait for my first series to begin on March 23rd!

Happy Mail: My certificate and teaching materials
I arrived on Wednesday night and immediately became star-struck. Oh my word! There they were! Sarah Clark, author of Mama Birth and Donna Ryan, author of Banned From Baby Showers, blogger I have been stalking reading for years, and owner/founder of Birth Boot Camp. I just hope that I didn't have a booger in my nose, and that's all they remember about me. They didn't say anything if I did.

Training was spectacular. I soaked it in just like I soaked in every minute of my music classes during my first semester of college. I waited for TWO YEARS to be there, and you know how sometimes when you wait for something so long and it ends up being sort of a let down? This was NOT it. I am still on my Birth Boot Camp high. And you know when you experience something incredible like a vacation or a wedding or a birth and then you have to go back to real life? Yeah, the first few days after my training were haaaaaaaard.

I could go on and on about how awesome the training was, how incredible the women were who attended the training, and how excited I am to start teaching soon, but I'll stop. It's so fun to look back here and here to see how far I've come with this. I'm so happy to be a Birth Boot Camp Instructor. So happy.

My incredible training class
 Sounds amazing doesn't it? Email me at to start training for YOUR amazing birth!!!!

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  1. And WE are so happy to know YOU! You are such as asset to Birth Boot Camp and will be an AMAZING instructor! And can I just say here that you ROCKED that final exam! Your hard work paid off. Houston is lucky to have you.