Saturday, January 7, 2012

Spinning Babies is coming to Houston!!!!

I am so excited. I have been stalking this website for months to find out the location, price and registration information. It was finalized this week. Yay!

I am going to scramble to get the money together so I can attend this class. Flute lessons start back next week, so hopefully most of them will have their payments ready. I am also hoping that it's not too late by then because I know lots of doula friends are eager to take this class. Many have already registered.

I also have a client who is due to have her baby about a week before then, so hopefully everything will work out for me to attend. Although, I wouldn't mind being called away from the class to attend to a mom in labor. Especially since I would be able to take what I just learned and put it to good use. I don't think the mama wants to still be pregnant by the time the class gets there though. Ha!

Wish me luck. I really hope I can take this class because I feel like this would be one of the most educational and beneficial courses I could take for my career.

For those mamas in their third trimester and their partners, there will be a Belly Mapping portion that evening. You can come and get your belly drawn on. How fun! Hope so see some of you there!

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