Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let the Baby Drive

I did it again! I finished reading a book. I can't believe it! This time I read something that was not on my "required reading list." I decided to take a look at this book that was given to me by a friend to see if this is a book I would want to recommend to my clients. I have not officially started a lending library, but I think I'll have read enough books soon enough to start one. Or, if the lending library thing never really takes off, I can in good conscience recommend this book.

How can I say enough good about this book? I loved loved loved Let the Baby Drive by Lu Hanessian. As I was reading this book, I felt on the verge of tears many times because this woman understood me. I felt as if she could see into my heart and soul. How did this woman, whom I have never met and who doesn't know I exist, know my deepest thoughts so intimately? How did she know how I would feel eight years after publishing her book? Before I even graduated from college the first time? Before I got married? Before I even thought about having children? How did she get it, get me, before I even had a baby to let drive?

This book has effected my so profoundly that I will need to devote entire posts on my favorite quotes. With The Doula Book, I was able to just compile them all into one post. Those quotes are fantastic, but they didn't pierce my soul like this book did. In short, read this book. Do it! You'll love it!

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