Saturday, June 11, 2011

Belly dance during birth

Last night I enjoyed my final prenatal visit with my clients who will be first time parents soon. I love spending time with them because everything is so new and exciting for them. It reminds me of my time recently as a first time mom preparing for birth. My goal with them is to try to share as many positive images of birth as I can and to share ideas of different birth experiences. I hope it will help Mom get an idea of the kind of birth she wants. I sent her a homework assignment to write down what her ideal birth experience would be and to send it to me. I do not think there is anything wrong with having an idea of what kind of birth you want.

I came across a couple of videos of belly dance for birth that I was excited to share with a couple of my first time moms. They are fantastic and illustrate how beautiful the pregnant belly is and how glorious the laboring mom is.

I love the word "embrace" that the narrator uses in the following video. One should embrace the femininity in pregnancy and birth. It is so womanly and lovely. I love how she reminds the viewer that our bodies know what to do. Our bodies know how to give birth. Embrace it.

I appreciate the next video because it shows how simple the belly dancing moves can be. I have absolutely no aptitude when it comes to dance; my talents are musical. This video shows that anyone can use belly dance, and many of the moves women instinctually do during labor are a form of belly dance. How fun!

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