Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Moving Doula

I'll just go ahead and say it. Moving is the worst! The purging, the packing, the hauling, the driving, the unpacking and asking yourself, "What IS this? Where did I get this? Why did I pack this? What am I supposed to do with this???????" It stinks. It all just stinks.

Last summer, my family moved from Sugar Land to West Houston. We were excited to get to know our new area, but the preparation to finally get here was pretty stressful. We really could have used the support of a Moving Doula.

My husband has what I like to call a "Tetris Brain." He is great at packing things and making things fit the best way possible. I'll look at something and say, "This won't work." But he takes it and makes art. He had a plan for how we were going to pack certain parts of our house on certain days. Almost immediately, we started to get behind schedule. (Surprise, surprise.) He started to get concerned that we wouldn't be done packing in time. I felt confident that we would. I was being a good doula and reassuring the both of us that we would be done in time. I kept a positive attitude.

At first.

Then it started. The snipping. The griping. The huffing and puffing. The short tempers and the frustration.There is something about sitting in the middle of a room full of boxes, your belongings tossed into an unrecognizable heap, that makes you just want to claw your own eyeballs out.

Oh. Just me?

Well, that's how I was feeling. I didn't have the strength or energy to encourage myself, much less, my husband, anymore. We were almost done, we had made so much progress, but it was looking like we were never going to finish.

Suddenly, my husband said, "I wish someone would come over just to keep us company and encourage us. They wouldn't have to pack or anything. We can do that. We just need some company."

I asked, "You mean like a doula?"

Yeah. Like a doula. Doulas are great about giving encouragement and just being there. They know when to help or when to step back. If anyone would have tried to help us pack, it would have disrupted the flow. But we sure could have benefited from someone who didn't mind just being there. Someone to tell goofy jokes. Someone to commiserate. Someone to bring fresh energy to the room. Someone to remind us that, "You've got this!" Cuz we did. We really did. We just needed someone to remind us.