Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cute face discount

Sometimes when we make the trip home we will stop halfway and get a hotel room to sleep. My husband is funny and decided to ask the lady at the desk for a "cute face discount" the first time we stopped at that hotel. She laughed a bit, but she really hooked us up! It was pretty amazing!

So the next time we stopped there, and it was a good several months later, she was working at the desk and he walks in and she goes, "Cute face!" She remembered he had said that! Ha ha! So instead of giving the cute face discount she asked, "Did you see any billboards on the way?" He said, "Uhhhh...." She says, "Yeah, you did. You can have the billboard discount." So she hooked us up again! It was awesome.

So, in honor of my cute faced husband's birthday and Father's Day this month, I am offering a $50 discount to any families that book my doula services and pay the deposit during the month of June. It doesn't matter when your baby is due, if you book and pay the deposit in June, you receive the discount.

Oh, what's that? You want to see what this cute faced husband looks like? Here ya go!

This picture is almost four years old, but he hasn't really changed much in the past four years. Same hair, same beard, same cute face. :o)

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