Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My accountability report

I don't remember when it was, but I set a goal to have my doula certification paperwork ready to be mailed by May 1st. At the time I set this goal, I was waiting to perform in the concert coming up this weekend in order to pay for my certification fee and to become a member of DONA International.

I've hit a few snags in the road, and there are a few more things on my To Do list than I would like, but I am satisfied with my progress. I have finished just about everything that I can possibly finish right now. I just have to get through this concert. My new goal is to have this packet in the mail before Mother's Day. That means on Saturday, May 12th, I need to either be dropping this thing in the mail or have already done it. Keep me accountable my friends!

Because my printer won't work unless both the color cartridge and black ink cartridge are full, my printer is out of order. So once I play this concert I will buy a new cartridge and print things off.

So my new To Do List is as follows:

  • Track down a form from a mama
  • Print off the doula packet email I received last year as proof of my start date
  • Become a member of DONA International and print receipt
  • Pay Application fee and print receipt
  • Finish reading Breastfeeding Made Simple
  • Locate my Breastfeeding Course Outline
  • Optional: Print off "Why I Became a Doula Essay"
  • Tweak Resources list and print
  • Sign and Date application for DONA International Birth Doula Certification
  • Check and recheck all forms, stuff envelope and mail

I am so close!!! I will get there before my birthday, and I am so excited about this! 

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