Friday, December 3, 2010

Am I offending people?

I had such a wonderful birth that I am still so very excited about it. I did not intend to feel this way during my pregnancy. All I wanted was to have the birth for which I was preparing, and it was so much more life-changing than I expected. I kept telling my husband after the birth, "Man! I wish I would have decided to become a doula rather than a flutist. I wish I would have known I would feel this way ten years ago when I was deciding what to be when I grew up." I thought it was too late to become a doula, but my husband is a wonderful and encouraging dear. He reminded me that it was never too late! In all of my excitement and research, I wonder if I am beginning to offend people. Birth seems to be a very touchy subject at times, and it is not my intent to offend. I am just so excited and love sharing my new discoveries. Especially if they seem-to me-to be inspiring, uplifting or just plain neat!

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