Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Birth Boot Camp Class 5: Deployment

"All the cool BBC instructors have these babies from IKEA!!!"
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Finally! The class everyone is waiting for.

Last week was the fifth class in my current Sugar Land Birth Boot Camp series. Class 5 is all about LABOR: pre-labor, early labor, active labor, and transition.

What are signs that labor is getting closer (besides the fact that you are approaching or passing your due date, duh)? How can you tell that these are "real" contractions? When is a good time to leave for your birth place or call your birth team to join you? What are the signs during labor that your baby is close to being born? All of these questions and more are answered in Birth Boot Camp Class 5.

We had a special treat last week. Thomas Billings, a Gottman Educator in Houston, came to speak to the class about the Bringing Baby Home workshops that he offers. There are two things I wish I would have done before having my first baby and one of them is take a Bringing Baby Home workshop. I want to take one now, even after having my third baby.

The Billings Family
We ended the labor discussion with the dads playing "Transition Charades." They got to experience a little taste of what their partners will experience in a few weeks. There is always a ton of laughter during that game.

Finally, we wrapped up the class with a beautiful birth video, a relaxation activity, and P.T. & Chow assignment.

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