Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Birth Boot Camp Class 4: Countdown to D-Day

"Shoots & Gladders"
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Last week was the fourth class in my current Sugar Land Birth Boot Camp series. This class is all about the final preparations before giving birth.

Following the weekly Comfort Measure Moment, the class broke into groups to learn about common tests and procedures during pregnancy that have an impact on birth. They were each assigned a different topic to share with the class. Topics included:

  • Group B Strep Test
  • Ultrasounds
  • Vaginal Exams in Pregnancy
  • Induction

Read more: What is Group B Strep (GBS)?

Class members shared information about what these tests are, why they are offered, risks and benefits of the tests, and alternatives.

Read more: Evidenced Based Birth has several articles about common pregnancy tests which include links to research

Read more: Many women receive a diagnosis of Low Amniotic Fluid Levels after having an ultrasound later in pregnancy. This diagnosis can lead to an induction of labor.

After learning about all of the tests and procedures, class members played a variation of "Chutes & Ladders" to see how much they could remember. I called this game "Shoots & Gladders."

How to Play "Shoots & Gladders"

Players take turns spinning the spinner and answering questions when they land on a space that contains a "Shoot" (Chute) or a "Gladder" (Ladder).

What is a "Shoot?"

Example: "Shoot! You forgot how many women test positive for GBS, so now you feel like the only person in the world with a positive GBS status. How many women test positive?"

A wrong answer meant that the player had to fall down the chute.

What is a "Gladder?"

Example: "You are so glad that you are prepared to know some of the common diagnoses after ultrasound that can lead to both necessary and unnecessary interventions. Name 2."

A correct answer meant that the player could climb the ladder to a higher level.

The winner of the game won a prize!

After the game was over, we continued with the weekly birth video, relaxation activity, and P.T. & Chow assignment.

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