Sunday, November 22, 2015

Birth Boot Camp Class 3: Setting Up Camp & Chain of Command

Last week was the third week in my current Sugar Land Birth Boot Camp series. Class 3 is called Setting Up Camp & Chain of Command. This is my favorite class of the series!

In this class, couples learn how to find a supportive care provider that supports your desired birth, picking a perfect birth location for your goals, certain interventions that can impact your birth, and affirming that YOU are in charge of your birth.

I believe that choosing a supportive care provider is the most important thing you can do to have the kind of birth that you want. I love how Houston doula and childbirth educator, Debbie Hull, says, "Make sure your caregiver is selling the kind of birth you want to buy. You don't go to a Toyota dealership if you want a Honda." If you want a natural birth, you're more likely to achieve one with a care provider who loves and specializes in natural birth.

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Red Flags Game
We played the Red Flags Game and introduced the class to certain "red flags" to be aware of when choosing the perfect care provider. Too many "red flags," and a change of provider might be in order. It is never too late to change care providers! One couple from a previous series changed care providers during labor!

The class came up with advantages and disadvantages to giving birth in the hospital, at a birth center, or at home. They did a great job on this!

Of course, I always love what Jim Gaffigan has to say about giving birth at home.

Finally, the class taught one another about various policies that have an impact on your birth, such as frequent vaginal exams, routine use of IVs, electronic fetal monitoring, and VBAC policies.

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I may or may not have gotten on a soapbox about frequent vaginal exams, as I am known to do.

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