Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Birth Boot Camp Class 2: P.T. & Chow

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Last week marked the beginning of a new Birth Boot Camp series at my home in Sugar Land. There are three couples in this series. (It is not too late to join in!) This week we covered Class 2: P.T. & Chow. This is the second class in a series of ten classes. It is all about physical training and nutrition for your birth.

Class 2 is one of those classes that I feel like I learn much more from my students than I could ever teach them. I learn something new at every series. My students are amazing! They teach each other and me. Last night we went over what a Whole Foods Diet is and why it is important to consume one during pregnancy. We discussed the importance of eating a rainbow and colored a picture of our own rainbows to help us remember to eat more colorful foods. Did you know that coloring can help relieve stress?

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Because we cover ideas for self-care during pregnancy, I mentioned a new trick I learned about teaching your brain to be happier. At the end of every day, in order to rewire your brain be happier, think of at least 3 good things that happened to you that day. Over time, your brain will learn how to think happier thoughts.

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You can't talk about eating healthy without mentioning how awful fast food is! We discussed how some fast foods are better for you than others. Poor McDonald's is always at the bottom of the list. Of course, I had to mention the Jim Gaffigan McDonald's skit. Jim Gaffigan is one of my favorite comedians because he "gets it." He has the best skit about home birth. I laugh every. single. time.

Watch Jim Gaffigan's McDonald's skit. Watch it now!

Finally, I issued what I like to call the Apple Challenge. The Apple Challenge was first issued by one of our dads in the Spring 2015 series. When I encouraged couples to eat organic as often as they could and as often as their budgets allow, this dad raved about how awesome organic apples were. He challenged all of us to just do ONE thing that week. Just buy organic apples. We didn't have to worry about anything else. Even if all we could do was eat ONE organic apple, we should try it.

Ever since then, I've been issuing the Apple Challenge to all of my classes. All of my students from here on out will benefit because this dad was willing to share a passionate testimonial and issue an easily attainable challenge.

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